Services and Fees

Reflexology and Facial Reflexology

Gentle and non invasive, reflexology is both stimulating and relaxing. It encourages the body's healing process as well as targeting key areas of the body.

Full Session (1 hour): £40

Package of 4 sessions: £140

Taster Session or short session (30 minutes): £20

Over 65's or Under 16 can opt for a shorter 30 minute session and pay £20


Hypnosis for Fertility

Helping you through conception as well as assisted conception. Learn how to bring your mind and body into balance and use visualisation techniques to help a fertile mind and body state. Ideal for IVF/ICSI and anyone who feels fertility has 'taken over'.

Sessions last 1.5 hours. All media included (handouts and mp3s). Recommend 3 sessions are taken.

A combined session includes 45 minutes of reflexology with hypnotherapy.

Session Fee: £65

Combined session with reflexology: £65


Hypnosis for Childbirth

These are one to one sessions for mums and birth partner. There are three sessions each lasting 2 hours focussing on breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, clearing fear and anxiety and building self belief.

Especially designed for high risk mums, those with previous birth trauma and anyone with high levels of anxiety or pre-existing depression.

Course Fee: £200 or £75 per session

Up to three reflexology sessions can also be booked at the discount price of £30 per session when booked with the course.



Learning how to cope with anxiety, fear and depression. Sessions typically last 1 1/2 hours. Hypnosis is a consent based technique that may enable you to change the way you think and therefore how you feel.

Session fee: £75

Hourly rate: £50

Usually hourly sessions are most suitable for under 12's. Please note that all therapists working with under 16's are DBS checked.

It is highly recommended that all under 16's meet their therapist for an informal consultation prior to booking any sessions.

Most things can be dealt with in up to three sessions. More sessions may be necessary or desired.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

From £50 per session depending on the counsellor/psychotherapist.

Massage Therapy

One hour: £50

90 Minutes: £75