Hypnosis for Fertility


Preparing your body for pregnancy is where the journey starts. Mental preparation is not simply about getting your head into the right frame of mind, it is also about connecting to your body, and this is true for men as well as women.

The thought of starting a family can be daunting and even a little scary. It means a lot of changes, both physically, mentally and practically. Most of us know that lifestyle changes such as eating better, losing weight, stopping smoking and lowering caffeine, can maximise your chances of conceiving, but one of the most significant impacts on fertility is stress. Dealing with the stresses in your life can certainly enhance your own natural ability to conceive.

In the UK and in many other countries, women are starting families later, with the average age of a first baby looking to be over 30. Year by year, the proportion of women choosing to start a family later is increasing. The number of live births to mothers aged 40 and over has more than quadrupled over the last three decades, but problems with fertility are now also on the increase.

If you and your partner have been 'trying' for a while, then you are likely to be feeling increasingly desperate and obsessive. It's not uncommon for both partners to start experiencing extreme emotions, feelings of isolation and a deep sense of failure and sorrow. As the focus on getting pregnant grows, the rest of your lives go on hold.

Infertility is one the main reasons women see their GP (second only to being pregnant), and yet around 30% of infertility cases in the UK involve factors in the male. However, 25% of the time, infertility is unexplained.

So how can hypnosis help?

There have been and there continue to be many studies that demonstrate support for the use of imagery and relaxation in the journey towards conception. A few of those studies are mentioned HERE, and many refer to the huge benefits that these techniques deliver for IVF clients. So whether there is a physiological cause or not, and no matter what route you are taking towards having your family, hypnosis may help both partners achieve the best state of mind for a successful conception.

Certified Hypnosis for Fertility Practitioner