Hypnosis for Childbirth

2014-02-20 14.10.11

Whether you are a low risk mother or facing a C-section, breathing and relaxation techniques can help you to prepare for the birth without fear or tension. Fear causes tension and tension causes pain, so eliminating or reducing fear as much as possible can go a long way to reducing pain.

There are many different methods such as Easibirthing, The Wise Hippo, Katherine Graves KGHypnobirthing, The Mongan Method (Hypnobirthing), Natal Hypnotherapy and Hypnobabies. It is very easy to get lost, confused and wonder what the difference is.

My own births were both c-sections and yet were radically different. The first was a surprise emergency that left me suffering post natal depression for nearly 4 years. When my daughter arrived, I took control. Without realising I used many of the techniques now taught in hypnosis for childbirth classes all over the world, and the result was incredible. Although I had desperately wanted a natural birth, I did not see the c-section as failure, but rather the culmination of the fact that I wasn't dilating (20 hours of labour and only 2 cms).  Every birth is different and with hypnosis the aim is simply to put the mother back in control and eliminate any fear of birth.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth and during pregnancy has been in the press a lot recently with some good and some bad reports. I do believe, however, that a calmer and more comfortable birth is achievable in most circumstances, but remember nothing is ever 100% guaranteed.

If you would like to talk about hypnosis in childbirth and find out whether it's something you'd like to look into further, please do get in touch. Although I don't run Hypnobirthing classes as such, I can help you to learn relaxation and breathing techniques that may greatly help towards a more comfortable birth.


Certified Hypnosis for Fertility Practitioner