Facial Reflexology

What is Facial Reflexology?

Facial Reflexology is a holistic reflexology treatment carried out on the face with the hands and fingers as well as tools such as crystal wands.

Deeply relaxing and also very powerful.

What To Expect

Clients remain fully clothed and lie on a massage couch or recliner depending on comfort.

A hot towel may be applied at the start and the end depending on skin condition and client.

We use calendula oil or grapeseed oil during the treatment.


May be helpful for those who overthink, suffer anxiety, headaches, TMJ, tinnitus or sinus problems.

Sessions also combine head massage to help create a sense of peace, space and relaxation.

Facial Reflexology

Suitable for Men and Women of All Ages

Following the Bergman Zone Method, facial reflexology aims to restore calm, harmony and balance. Incorporating Indian Head Massage helps to encourage a deeply relaxing state where the body can heal, restore and release tension and stress.

Sessions and Prices

30 minute sessions can be a perfect introduction to facial reflexology, but are also great for children and those with little time.

60 minute sessions can also combine a holistic facial (cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturise). Please ask when booking.

30 mins – £30   60 mins – from £50  with holistic facial – from £55


Bergman Zone Face Lift

Want something more?  The award winning Bergman Zone Face Lift not only takes the years from your face, but also cleanses on the inside.

Combining facial reflexology with massage and Gua Sha sculpting, the Zone Face Lift may help lymph drainage, muscle toning and encourage a younger, more vital face.

The Zone Face lift program lasts 12 one hour sessions which should ideally be taken no more than a week apart.

Sessions are £85 – discounts available for a program of 12.

Sessions are with Elaine Grace Therapies or Lesley Reid

Zone Face Lift